I just broke into the top 10!!!!!!

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6/23/08 11:47:20AM
I just feel super awesome that only in my second season i was able to reach the top ten rankings. Id like to send a shout out to all my team mates at team tattoo they are awesome too, also id like to invite all of you mma hardcore fans to join my team so we can tear up next season up. As of now im #10 ranked in points and 34 in wager money. well that is all from the island of Puerto Rico i wish you all the best of luck with the last two events in this season, look for me to try to break in the top 5, who knows maybe im crowned champ of this season!!!!!!
6/23/08 12:15:57PM
Anything can happen man, good luck... we're all gunning for the top spot... just some of us are closer than others
6/23/08 12:54:03PM
congrats to you!!
6/23/08 1:15:42PM


All I can say is... I hate Kendall Grove; I'll never pick Burkman or Tanner again; Picking McFedries is like picking a retarded gorilla, he's either gonna kill something with his bare hands, or cry, shit on himself, and run away; Lister submits Horn? WTF?! I DID pick Kimmons, but changed my mind when I convinced myself Yundt had just enough experience to stay out of danger.

just *^%%&##%#

but yeah! good for you!

*jumps off a building*

6/23/08 1:39:24PM
My only costly mistake in the last event was picking tanner, i guess that i was a little emotional on that pick, also i thought that kendall having such weak core muscles would fall victim to tanners strenght (or so i thought) but anyways look for kendall to lose big against anyone in that division that can touch his chin with a little pepper, wich is 98% of the division.
6/23/08 2:32:12PM
Same here. I'm an oldschool fan and I just love to back Tanner. I was scared that Grove was too lanky and would be rough to drag him to the ground, but I expected Tanner to Muscle him down. To my horror, Grove kept standing back up and Tanner never could position himself to throw properly.
6/23/08 2:34:26PM
its a pity thou it doesnt take that much to put grove out, anyway ill still remember the tanner that schooled terrel
6/23/08 3:13:55PM
Wow thats awesome!!!

I whish I could break into the top 1000
6/23/08 3:37:36PM

Posted by dryared

its a pity thou it doesnt take that much to put grove out, anyway ill still remember the tanner that schooled terrel

Oh he did more than school him. He dressed him up in a pretty skirt, bent him over the sink, and taught his as*hole how to spell LOSE.

Unfortuneately he is highlighted in one of the most brutal, pwned highlights ever. The Tito slam. >,<
6/23/08 4:15:06PM
true true but you know how the old saying goes " you win some.....and the you get the shit slammed outta you in some" lol
6/23/08 6:10:11PM
7/1/08 1:44:04PM
id like to meet the other guys that are tied with me in the 10th spot! any of you guys regular posters?
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