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11/16/08 10:20:03AM
While i correctly predicted brock's win, I have to admit the fight went much different than I thought. I thought we were going to see a sherk vs. florian type fight where brock took him down at will. Randy actually had a good game plan, brock is just too big and strong. I didn't expect couture to be able to get him up against the cage the way he did. Good fight though and I hope we see randy at least one more time.
11/16/08 10:22:59AM
Yeah it was nice seeing Randy in there again. I'm still pissed at him for the last year, but I am able to look past it. I wish that fight with Fedor would have happened. Damn it all to hell with the contract issues and the lies from both sides

Brock is just simply too big. I know you all don't want to hear my cruiserweight class argument so I won't go there. I picked the right winner, though.
11/16/08 12:11:09PM
Ya the fight went exactly like I thought, 2nd rd tko. I figured Couture would be able to weather the storm for a round, but Lesnar was just too big and strong for him.
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