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9/29/08 6:46:33PM
Who thinks Brock has a chance of beating Randy Couture? Can Randy really win against Brock. Not a lot of people give Brock credit but he tore through Herring and killed Mir for the first minute and 25 seconds of the fight before loosing by a rookie mistake. In my opinion I think Brock will win this fight. Randy is great fighter who is good at wrestling. But look at brock, he is also a great wrestler if not the best in his division. I don't think people are giving Brock enough respect I mean yea he was a wrestler but now he's a fighter. Give him some credit, don't be suprised to see him win this fight. In fact I think it may be a upset if Couture wins.
9/29/08 7:06:02PM
i mean honestly how can you no respect either fighter for brock to transition as well as he has so far is prety amazing he sent heith flying across the ring so he has power his wrestling i dont need to adress. now as far as randy goes size im not worried about tim is pretty f-ing hudge so i could see brock totaly taking it to randy and almost killing him or it will look a lot like the tim silvia fight
9/30/08 5:18:55PM
Randy tends to better when people doubt him. I can never doubt Randy again (unless he's still fighting in five years). Still though, the seemless transition Brock has made into MMA is extraordinary. He's constantly training and improving and his punching power looks great. This fight should be interesting. Does Randy try to take Brock to the ground? Brock's wrestling is great. However, Randy is great at make a gameplan and sticking with it.
9/30/08 5:43:55PM
Brock has been injured, isn't this fight off for the time being?
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