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1/3/08 7:24:33PM

Make sure you check his shadow boxing at the end, it looks so unnatural. He’s got a long way to go in terms of boxing, but I’m sure he’ll be trying to rely fully on his wrestling background. He just better hope they don’t put him against someone with a sprawl anytime soon.

Training/ Interview
1/3/08 7:45:03PM
Was that Tony Desuza he was totaly whipping up on?
1/3/08 7:45:43PM
This video was scripted !!

1/3/08 8:11:08PM
Looks no where near as impressive physically as he once did. His boxing doesn't look good.
1/3/08 9:37:46PM
at least hes not saying hes the man
but holy crap if sticks with it he could be he man
1/3/08 10:22:14PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

at least hes not saying hes the man
but holy crap if sticks with it he could be he man

i agree theres deffinitly potential there... more impressive to me was how humble he was. Not enough to make me change my vote of mir by sub in the 1st round, but enough to make me want to see this guy get a fair shake!
1/4/08 7:07:10AM
of course he doesnt look like he once did, he is transitioning from fighting for show to fighting for real and also from the juiced up wwe days to first the nfl and now the ufc where you cant be juiced to the gills.

1/5/08 1:30:59PM
Yeh I wish he would have stayed in smaller orgs. then made the leap to the UFC, but like somee people have already said at least he stays humble and isn't an over confident ass.
1/5/08 1:38:03PM

Posted by tuvok500

This video was scripted !!

If Brock tries the F-5. I'm going to die of laughter

I think he will win with wrestling. But Mir has never been known for his stand up anyways. If Tim is right and Brock don't like to get hit, I was about to say sloppy dirty boxing war, but in that case, this should be a boring ground stalemate a.k.a LNP.
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