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6/5/07 8:41:25AM

Posted by mrsumo

I just saw the fight on youtube! Way to go brock! I have to wonder if they could have found a smaller opponent. He did pretty good IMO. Took him down, worked for the mount and pounded until he tapped. Not bad for a guy with a penis tattoo on his chest!

Tbh I wasnt impressed, the guy he was fighting was a total bum, he tapped under no pressure. You wouldnt see a real MMA competitor tapping out cause they got mounted and took a few little shots to the head.

Look at Schilt vs Kharitonov, Schilt got mounted, and Sergei effectively had Schilt's head between his thighs, then just pounded him out, cutting him badly, hitting him with full power shots, and Semmy wouldnt tap out, even though his situation was hopeless.

For me, its still up in the air whether or not Lesnar will be any good at MMA, because imo that wasnt anywhere near conclusive.

Good to hear Mauro still commentating, along with Bas Rutten he is the best commentator out there!
6/9/07 2:02:24PM
Good opponent or not, Lesnar showed skill. And he didn't instinctively try to go for the pin and the 3 count. All in all I'd say it was a great performance. And I think he'll do well in the future.
6/18/07 3:07:54AM
i think brock will end up being a good fighter but not a great fighter.......he'll probably get beat as soon as he fights a "real" fighter......regardless he makes things interesting...i'm excited to see what the kid can do.....last year the bluebombers put him on their negotiation list
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