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9/6/08 3:44:48PM
Quite frankly, it had gotten to the point where it didn’t seem as if there was any chance Randy “The Natural” Couture would ever fight in the UFC again. After all, he wanted a match with Fedor Emelianenko— who currently fights for Affliction— and had said some rather unsettling things about the UFC upon initiating his recent hiatus from the fight game. But then came the announcement that we were all waiting for—Randy Couture would be fighting again.

But it wouldn’t be against the guy we all thought it would be against. Forget Fedor for now; apparently those recent rumblings were true. That’s right, we’re talking about Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture at UFC 91 on November 15th.

“We aired out a lot of our differences, resolved a lot of things,” said Randy Couture on ESPN’s SportsCenter regarding his problems with the UFC.

9/7/08 7:21:44PM
i'm confused... why is randy, the HW Champ, fighting Brock instead of the Interum HW champ??? I know hes tied up with teh TUF thing and all but, if Randy loses, is Brock the new HW champ??? This seems odd that it could skip over Big Nog at the moment
9/7/08 11:24:01PM
doesnt matter... mir already beat lesnar.. but i think he'd loose a second time (not cause lesnar is good.. but i think he'd have a decent game plan) and nog will def beat lesnar..

i'm not so sure lesnar will win, but on the other hand, randy has some problems.. one beaing that lesnar knows randy's strengths and how to combat them better than most, by default and he's a huge man... hahaha

either way;, i'm fairley confident that big nog will be champ in 6 months... if randy hangs around then maybe not..
9/8/08 11:05:47AM
First off, I am pumped that Randy is back. I hated that he just wasn't fighting for anyone. I'm even more glad he will stay in the UFC, where he has made his name and had so much success.

He is fighting Lesnar, but you can't consider this for the belt. I like the little tournament the UFC has set up to unify the interim and actual HW belts. Nog is already set to fight Mir in Dec, so you couldnt put Randy in now.
Randy-Brock in Nov
Nog-Mir in Dec
Championship Bout couple months later (march maybe)

I think that Nog will be the winner when its all said and done, dont see him struggling to get past Mir

I am still undecided on the Couture Lesnar fight. As of now I'm leaning towards Lesnar. Its been a while since Randy fought, and he is pretty old. Brock is the biggest HW in the devision and maybe the fastest. This is an exciting match up with pure athleticism taking on knowledge and experience. I think that Randy wont be able to hang with Lesnar and Brock will be prepared to not get caught, like he did against Mir.
9/8/08 11:49:59PM
you know Mir has good MMA Jits, but i dunno if its god enough for Nog... Mir definatly cannot stand with Nog hes got to take his chances on the ground... i think the Mir Nog fight will be more entertaining then the Brock Randy fight... I see Brock Randy being very one sided one way or the other, i cannot see Mir getting dominated by Nog or vice versa
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