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11/15/08 12:26:16AM
“I don’t think I deserve anything. I was asked if I wanted a title shot against Randy Couture and I accepted it. I don’t think that I deserve anything…. This is an opportunity and I’m going to seize the moment and try and take that title away tomorrow night…. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I understand that. If there was any other heavyweight in the division that was asked for this opportunity they probably would have also not turned the opportunity down.”

– Brock Lesnar tells ESPNs “First Take” this morning that he is merely taking advantage of an opportunity that was presented to him to challenge Randy Couture for his heavyweight title. With just three professional mixed martial arts bouts to his credit, including an average record inside the Octagon (1-1), several people questioned the decision to grant him a world title shot so soon in his career. But this is a business and UFC President Dana White and all the others at Zuffa know that, deserving or not, Lesnar is going to put butts in seats at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 15. It’s good to see Lesnar is under no illusions and that he is shooting straight from the hip. Who can blame him …he makes a valid point.

11/15/08 12:33:58AM
hes right too. its not his fault he was presented this title fight. i doubt he was knocking down dana white or joe silvas door demanding a shot. should brock tell the ufc that hes not ready for it or not deserving of it and have them find someone else? who knows he may not get asked again if he turned it down. deserving or not its goin to be a good fight and im pumped for it
11/15/08 1:15:19AM
Yea I think the fact that the fight is happening is dumb but I sure can't blame the guy for accepting, I'd do the exact same thing in his position
11/15/08 2:59:13AM
This is obvious. Who wouldn't take the chance to fight Randy, let alone that its for a title/title shot. You can't blame Brock and I don't think you can blame the UFC for giving him the chance.

I don't know what to pick. I'm feeling Randy by sub, but I don't feel good about it.

11/15/08 7:34:02AM
If anything and any reason people should be mad at the UFC not Brock!
11/15/08 11:18:32AM
This is a win - win situation for Brock. If he was fighting any other heavy weight tonight and he lost, then he might want to reconsider his future as a mixed martial artist with 1 win and 2 losses in the UFC. However, if he loses against Randy...then he lost agains the HW champion...he can go on and fight a few more, get some wins and get another title shot.
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