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7/13/09 5:58:59AM
Now that Brock Lesnar acquired his revenge, do we see a rematch against Mir? I hope not and we can expect Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko soon as Dana White Promised UFC fans at the post UFC press conference as reported at AOL Fanhouse.

“This whole Fedor thing has been going on and on and on. I keep saying this and that about him and he keeps waiting. Eventually, Fedor’s going to be here. I want Fedor. I want him to come to the UFC and everything else.

“This guy just became the heavyweight champion. We’ll end up getting that deal done. And then we’ll do Brock vs. Fedor, and it’ll be a huge fight.”

From: UFC 100: Brock Lesnar def. Frank Mir via TKO
7/13/09 9:12:05AM
It would be nice but I just dont see it happening anytime soon. As for Lesnar vs Mir 3, hopefully Mir can get a few good wins.
7/13/09 10:38:22AM
This thread took longer to come out then I thought it would.
7/13/09 2:19:50PM
lol brock will show the world when he fights fedor that he isnt ready to take on the last emperor no way in hell should he be even in there with fedor
7/13/09 9:53:42PM
If Brock survived 2 rounds with Fedor I would be shocked personally.
7/14/09 12:04:09AM
First off, I don't think many fans take Dana's word for much of anything.

But I think Hippysmacker is WAAAYY off. I'd be shocked if Brock made it out of the first!!

Keep that left hand pawing out there like you did against Mir, Brock. Fedor has a left hook/right uppercut combo for ya.
7/14/09 12:16:14AM
If this fight does happen it will be really interesting to see how Brock decides to approach the fight. For that matter, it will be very interesting to see how Fedor decides to approach it. Generally Fedor seems to attack his opponent's strengths, and obviously in this case it is Brock's wrestling. Will Fedor be able to judo toss and hold top position on Brock? How intense would that be? I would absolutely die with joy to see the much smaller man in Fedor hold down the beast that is Lesnar.

However, when I think of current HW's that could potentially end Fedor's undefeated streak there aren't many I'd hate to see do it more than Lesnar. Those canned hams can make hamburger meat out of damn near anybody's face, but I guess it would be a lot harder to punch a terminator skull and make a dent than it was to make a dent in Mir's skull.

7/14/09 12:40:20AM
This fight got alot more interesting in my mind, just becouse of how well Lesnar was able to control Frank on the ground. Be interesting to see if he could take Fedor down and hold him there like that.

I think Brock would keep the fight standing for a while to see how it goes, then take Fedor down when he gets hurt by a shot. Thing is, Fedor hits alot harder than Mir, and the shot Brock is waiting for before deciding to take the fight down might be enough to end the fight.

Id go with Fedor, 2nd round TKO.
7/14/09 12:46:33AM
I'd be really shocked if Brock kept it on the feet. Mir did all of his damage on the feet and he acctually did knock him down somewhat. The it would be interesting to see what Brock would do if Fedor reversed him, Brock is huge, and incredibly strong but Would that negate Fedor's skill, balance, seemingly limitless power, and energy? I don't know. I think right now it's intriguing. Mir's known more for traditional JJ, and he's not very quick, while Fedor utilizes armbars like a BJ Penn, speed and once he's got it ouch, and kimura's. We know he poses leg locks since thats what Sambo involves alot of. Where would this fight end up, and can Brocks size negate the most skilled fighter? Fedor seems to be a master of everything, or he at least beats guys who are masters of one thing at that thing, can Brock deal with that? And can Fedor deal with the sheer size and strength?
7/14/09 2:27:58AM
I think brock has a better shot than anyone else does. if lesnar gets him down and smother him like he did mir, how can fedor sub him? he didnt give mir an inch to work with! can you sub someone when they are body to body on you like against Mir? I need a JJ guy to answer that
7/14/09 2:37:51AM
I think Mir got caught in a position he wouldn't normally get caught in. That is, he was going for a specific submission. There are ways to defend yourself and make something happen from where Mir was, but he seemed to have some kind of tunnel vision. When I saw him take a moment to think about his situation I thought he was going to pull out of it, but it looked like he was going for an X-guard or flower type sweep once again. Once Brock had him pinned against the cage that took away a lot of options, too.

IMO Mir would have been a lot better off to just control Brock's posture, let Brock tire his arm out by headlocking him like he was, and weather the light GnP Brock could have laid out from a neutralized position. Instead Mir put his hands and arms where they shouldn't have been, and paid for his mistake.

Obviously hindsight is 20/20, though... and I'm taking nothing away from Mir or Brock by saying these things. Just some observations I've had since rewatching the fight
7/14/09 2:44:04AM
You have to create that space. You need to be explosive from the bottom and create scrambles. The more movement, the more likely someone will make a mistake. Mir took the whole first round and didn't even try to move. He just layed there taking punches like an idiot, and he didn't even try to regain full guard. It's impossible for the guy on top to keep you from moving at all. Mir needs to work on developing his explosive power from the bottom and defending takedowns. Fedor would stay very active. Because he has so much explosive power, he'd have a much better chance of catching Brock with something. Watch his last fight with Mark Coleman. Coleman is no Brock, but that arm bar was quick. Fedor is very sneaky, and he doesn't waste time. When they played that back in slow motion it looked closer to a normal speed arm bar. He's the man.
7/14/09 4:37:51AM
Is the this new Randy v Fedor?

I'm bored already!!!

Someone wake me when its signed!!!
7/14/09 8:27:40AM
I see fedor giving him a bum rush at the sound of the bell. That's the best way to get brock. when he least expects it. I think brock will be having fedor nightmares for a while.

"Why the hell isn't he making facial expressions?????"
7/14/09 5:48:37PM
I would LOVE to see this fight.Simply for the antics afterwards.If Brock cant keep his cool after a win. It be classic to see him throw a hissy after Fedor humiliated him and the crowd went nuts
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