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5/27/12 1:23:35AM
Former UFC Heavyweight champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar made an unusual appearance at tonight's UFC 146 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The notoriously reclusive Lesnar is not someone often seen in the crowd at a UFC event. In the past his appearances in the crowd usually indicated he was negotiating with the promotion.

UFC president Dana White certainly wasn't denying that was a possibility. At the post-fight press conference, White pointedly refused to deny that Lesnar's return was a possibility. Then he ramped up the hints that Lesnar could return but admitted he had not spoken to Lesnar.

Yahoo! reporter Kevin Iole tweeted that White told him as much:

@KevinI: Dana asked if anything more to Lesnar being here, he said yes. Possibly may come back


5/27/12 1:27:14AM
I say if he comes back it was planned all along
5/27/12 1:29:00AM
Does anyone actually care if he returns?
5/27/12 1:31:08AM
Immediate title shot!
5/27/12 1:31:20AM

(Velasquez and Dos Santos fought tonight. They're better.)
5/27/12 1:33:07AM
I say Dana one-ups the King Mo deal and does a deal with Brock. There's a war a brewin'.
5/27/12 1:38:33AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Does anyone actually care if he returns?

Nah......perhaps his "cool" WWF fans.
5/27/12 2:39:22AM
I would like to see Brock vs. Mir 3, other then that Brock's broken body loses.
5/27/12 4:58:26AM
Please god no !

The whole drama aspect of the recent years in the UFC are already on my nerves.
5/27/12 8:37:57AM
I'm probably in the minority, but I'm a Brock fan and would like to see him back. He may never gain the belt back, but there are a lot of good, fun match ups for him - Mir, Nelson, Big Nog, Bigfoot, Cormier, Barnett (I know those two are not in the UFC yet, but both will be soon), Kongo, Hunt etc. The heavyweight division is a lot deeper now.
5/27/12 11:12:34AM
Retirements in MMA mean absolutely nothing.
Im' still waiting for Chuck & Randys comebacks haha
5/27/12 1:12:10PM
I originally thought that when I saw Brock there...but then after the JDS fight, I would hope Brock would think "shizzz...I can't take punches very well...and that's the guy I'd have to beat...soooo I'll stick to hunting and relaxing"
5/27/12 5:49:49PM
Roy Nelson via Twitter (via my fb): If Brock needs someone to fight Dana White (@danawhite) Lorenzo Fertitta (@lorenzofertitta) and Joe, I am ready, plus fans of UFC (@ufc) want and wwe

I'd love to see Medium Country knock out Lesnar
5/27/12 5:51:07PM

Posted by shaneTpain

Retirements in MMA mean absolutely nothing.
Im' still waiting for Chuck & Randys comebacks haha

Don't forget Cro Cop and Lytle
5/28/12 1:33:14AM
i sincerely hope we do not see lesnar back in the octagon
5/28/12 5:15:01AM
Lesnar and his giant cock tattoo on his chest with four balls..........WHO COULD RESIST THE ANTICIPATION!?!?!?!?!?!

5/28/12 12:30:57PM
Lesnar vs Antonio Silva.
5/28/12 1:57:29PM
I wouldn't mind seeing Brock back for a few fights.
Give him Bigfoot,Mir III,someone like Struve,throw Big Country in.
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