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7/24/07 5:38:20PM

Posted by rcg916

Posted by Lethal

I think Brock's biggest problem will be his mindset. Based on the way he talked after his fight and his overall attitude in inteviews etc. he may have a problem getting past the fact that he is not the biggest thing in MMA yet. Hopefully he matrures and doesn't treat MMA like WWE (Bill Goldberg hyping him up is not helping).

He's obviously still in Pro Wrestling mode, and he's basically trying to hype himself to get paid. Nothing wrong with that.

And by the way, EVERY fighter with charisma is going more the way of the Pro Wrestling type interviews. It's entertaining, and now that there's more money involved, dont be surprised to see the networks/organizations responding accordingly (i.e. bigger entrances, staging conflicts between future participants in a fight , see Tito/Rashad, etc.)...

Fine with me.

I'm guessing u were a WWE fan back in the day too...I understand where you're coming from; I was a fan too. I just want the mainstream people to know there is a very huge difference between pro wrestling and MMA, especially with all the crazy things going on in american pro wrestling.
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