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7/4/09 11:32:17PM
UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is hoping to avenge his only loss and unify the heavyweight title against interim champion Frank Mir at UFC 100. And Lesnar says Mir is going to find out when they fight that Lesnar is a much better fighter than he was when they first met a year and a half ago.

"I've improved dramatically," Lesnar said on a call this week to promote their main event bout at UFC 100.

7/5/09 12:59:36AM
definetly cant argue with that. I still see this as a huge stylistic problem fighting frank. yes he is an absolute animal and his controll has gotten much better but frank mir has much crisper boxing and his ground game is off the charts so unless brock gets a one punch knockout or completely tires mir out at somepoint he will get caught imo.
7/5/09 4:42:21AM
I see it happening the same as the first fight, but instead of Mir catching Lesnar in a sub, Lesnar will continue to GnP Mir for a TKO
7/5/09 10:15:00AM
7/5/09 2:08:25PM
Mir has looked awesome as of late, but I just don't think he will be able to manage Brock's size and reach.
7/5/09 5:28:08PM
Yes Brock has improved dramatically, but so has Mir.
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