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POLL: next for brock?
Kongo 55% (47)
Sanchez 6% (5)
Coleman 6% (5)
Gonzaga 27% (23)
Hardonk 2% (2)
McCully 4% (3)
8/17/08 1:01:23AM
Id like to see him fight Kongo before anyone. He just needs a few more fights to help him get used to MMA a little more. Putting him against Coleman or Gonzaga might be a little to much. Its just the heavyweights in the UFC isnt really outstanding right now. Id actually like to see Vera back in heavyweights cause obviously he isnt cut out to be a LHW. Here is what id like to see..

First Kongo
Second Vera (if he were to come back) if not--than Gonzaga.
Third Coleman (if he is still around)
Fourth Mir rematch
Than finally a shot at a title, IF he defeats the above...
8/17/08 10:41:37AM
Kongo or Gonzaga would be good...I voted Kongo....I think he can really has the best chance of catching Brock coming in for a takedown...

How about that other wrestler...Bobby Lashley...I would like to see a battle of the WWE superstars in the octagon
8/18/08 10:48:08PM
I think it will be out of Werdum, Gonzaga, or Kongo.
8/19/08 4:52:21PM
someone he can finish and i dont think he can finish Kongo so...............McCuly or Sanchez
8/19/08 5:16:02PM
Your crazy Lesnar will destroy Kongo, Gonzaga, Sanchez anyone in the ufc! I would bet all my fantasy money plus real money that he would wax Couture...
8/19/08 6:52:35PM
The fight that makes the most sense to me right now is against Kongo. Kongo has improved his ground game (we saw that in the fight against Herring). But brock no doubt will take him down, and most likely kongo wont get back up. However Kongo could definitly KO lesnar. Good fight IMO. Brock by 15 minutes of brutal rape lol
9/2/08 12:57:28PM
On that list the best choice is Kongo. But I think Brock's perfect opponent at the state he is now is someone who strikes well and avoids ground fights, someone like a distant striker... Why?

The most boring thing to watch is Brock Lesnar ground and pounding every round.

Even putting him against Tim Sylvia wouldn't be such a bad idea. Tim's reach is too great for Lesnar to outstrike and I think it'll be hard for Lesnar to catch and take him down. Putting him against Big Timmy also takes away Lesnar's size advantage.

It's funny how people are finding decent fighters that Brock will do well against.

After Kongo people will be looking for fighters that will have a chance against Lesnar.
9/2/08 12:58:56PM
What's surprising is that I also think Lesnar has a good chance against Couture.
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