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11/16/08 11:41:36AM
Im not a fan of Brock Lesnar, but I give him props for winning. Im looking forward to a rematch cause lets face it, the fight was good and Randy controlled the match up until he got caught in the temple. Anyone can beat anyone on any givin day if they catch you with that one hit. It would be different if he just got the crap beat out of him.
11/16/08 11:48:37AM
I dont think Randy was controlling the fight, Brock definitely won the first round with a couple of big takedowns and landing the more meaningful shots. When Randy clinched him he wasnt doing much, he was just kind of holding up to Lesnar and not throwing anything. Same for the second round, Brock was beating Randy to the punch and landed a couple big shots before he put him down. Brock did look a bit gassed by the second, but I believe it was because the nerves got to him. In all his post fight interviews he said he was a bit nervous, and that can disrupt the breathing patterns and makes fighters gas quicker (happens to alot of first timers in the octagon)...

No rematch, unless Brock looses to the winner of Nog/Mir. Its already set that he'll face the winner, so at the very least Randy will have another fight before fighting Brock or for the title.
11/16/08 11:52:51AM
I'm sorry but I have to lock this thread. There are way too many threads about this fight going up and we can't have the forums flooded with them. I'm locking it instead of deleting it, though. That way people can still see your viewpoint
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