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10/2/08 7:27:13AM
I heard that Brock got hurt last week. Is that true or not?

I saw it here and then I told my friends about it and now I don't here anything. So is he hurt or is he fine and it was a rumor?
10/2/08 7:41:11AM
Fake. Brock's side said he's fine.
10/2/08 9:12:08AM
Thanks for clearing that up.
10/2/08 12:43:18PM
Somebody told Brock "I still can't hear you" and that hurt his feelings.

Otherwise, he should be ready to end Randy's winning streak and propel himself to a title shot plus a trip on the talk show circuit.
10/2/08 1:09:08PM
Not title shot, dude. Title. The fight's for the HW Championship even though they'll then fight the Nog-Mir winner to determine an undisputed champ.
10/2/08 1:24:57PM
so if he beats randy he is written down as a past ufc hw champ?
10/2/08 3:16:32PM

Posted by cmb19932

so if he beats randy he is written down as a past ufc hw champ?

yea, he would be considered the current HW champ, and Nog the interim champ, which than they will fight to decide the Undisputed HW champ. This will happen no matter the fight endings, winner of Nog vs Mir will fight the winner of Lesnar vs Couture.
10/2/08 3:59:41PM
If anything i can see Randy getting hurt and backing out! lol
10/3/08 12:26:08PM
wow thats weird to say with only 4 fights brock could be heavy weight champ
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