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2/9/12 4:08:00PM
Michael Page 0-0 vs Ben Dishman 0-0. At UCMMA 26 - The Real Deal on the February 4. This happened.

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2/9/12 5:15:38PM
That was insane!!!!! Also, lol at Elton John announcing the results.
2/9/12 5:51:34PM
I hate show boaters...but....
2/9/12 7:02:41PM
this guy took someone down while in the clinch...Anderson never does that

this was pretty entertaining
2/9/12 7:47:04PM
Holy Shit ! This guy is going to be one to keep an eye on he's going to be exciting at the least.
2/9/12 8:16:53PM
WOW! that dude has a crazy style. Bit cocky though.
2/9/12 8:18:35PM
Pretty nice kick....didn't care for his cocky antics one bit
2/9/12 8:58:27PM
It's funny because his frame is very much like an Anderson Silva or a Jon Jones. He's got some skills, for sure! If that last kick were juuuuust a little cleaner, that would have put dude's lights out and been one of the all time great KO's.
2/9/12 9:30:12PM
That was so awesome. I'll be trying my best to follow this guy.
2/10/12 1:22:06AM
That sequined jacket thing the cage announcer was the nastiest thing since Rich Franklin's nose.
2/10/12 1:24:58PM

Posted by lohmann

That sequined jacket thing the cage announcer was the nastiest thing since Rich Franklin's nose.

2/10/12 1:59:46PM
All he did for the first minute or so was run from his opponent.

For real though, that was pretty entertaining. Dude needs to learn how to keep his hands up though or his career will be short.
2/12/12 6:56:58AM

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2/12/12 6:08:18PM
I hate to be a wet blanket but, His opponents stand up ability was shaky at best. i agree that he is talented and has potential. But I hate judging a fighter on one fight
2/13/12 5:20:27PM
I really don't like showboating like that, personally, but it's probably a good way to get noticed and potentially picked up by a bigger organization.

Kind of hard to tell if the guy is really all that good when both him and his opponent are 0-0. Obviously he has some striking ability, but it's pretty hard to tell things like how good his timing or footwork is, what his striking defense looks like against another striker, what his TD defense looks like against a good wrestler, etc. when he's doing silly dance moves against a guy in his first pro fight.

Not saying that he won't still be amazing, just that it's pretty difficult to judge based on 1 fight against a guy with no experience at all. That is an impressive debut but I'll wait until he fights a few more experienced guys before I make a judgement about his skill level. If he puts on a couple more performances like that though we will for sure see him in the UFC.
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