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1/18/09 5:50:34PM
Lets do our part for this great sport we call MMA! GOT THIS FROM


Click here to do your part for MMA in NY

"When Mixed Martial Arts was in its infancy, legislation was passed to prevent its taking place in New York State. Now that MMA has become a reputable sport, the legislation still exists. You can help change it and bring MMA to the cities and arenas in our state, by making your voice heard. One of the best ways to ensure your voice is heard is by contacting your representative in Albany in three easy steps:

First, determine who your representative is by putting in either your nine-digit zip or your standard five-digit zip and your street address and clicking CONTINUE.

Second, click on the name of your legislator and an email template will appear.

Finally, write an email to that legislator following the guidelines that will be beneath your leglislators' names (on the next page).

For extra and significant weight, take a moment to write an actual paper-based letter, too. They still carry a lot of weight -- perhaps even more than email.

Thank you, and hope to see you at the fights. "
1/18/09 5:51:42PM
No. This thread, as good-intended as it is, has "political" written all over it. We don't allow political threads anymore.
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