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7/6/08 5:49:10PM
New interview with the Sandman on his fight with the Spyder


Here is a preview :

James Irvin: I’m not going to let Dana White down, I’m not going to let Anderson Silva down and most of all I’m not going to let the fans down. You’re going to see the best James Irvin, the absolute best I can be.
7/6/08 6:48:48PM
good read i enjoyed it
7/6/08 6:50:09PM
God I hope so ....I want Anderson to stay MW and continue to dominate, not put the belt on hold while he bounces around looking for a challenge. Look towards Okami....there's your challenge. Rangy, quick, technical, and with outstanding conditioning! Should be more than enough. I hope James scores another explosive KO and gets a rematch with Luis Arthur Cane afterwards!!!
7/6/08 6:51:42PM
Irvin ---->
7/6/08 6:59:23PM
I would love to find out the 4 that turned down a fight with Silva. As far as guesses I'm gong to say...

Thiago Silva
Luiz Cane
Wanderlei Silva
7/6/08 7:02:56PM
Im curious too....props x3 for the first guy who can produce the answer...with eveidence!
7/6/08 7:07:08PM
i think he's trying to piss everyone off
7/6/08 8:05:22PM
I really hope Irvin gets a big K.O. so Silva will stay at MW, I hate having to put the titles on hold, its not fair to the contenders.
7/6/08 8:55:50PM
James Irvin = class act
I hope he has a really good showing.
7/6/08 8:58:36PM
I have followed the career of James Irvin for a few years now I think people get to see his down to earth personality when he does one on one interviews like this.....

War James Irvin
7/6/08 10:15:23PM
I REALLY wanna know who ducked Anderson Silva , and why they did
7/7/08 12:57:46AM
and thats y Irvin is one of my favorite fighters hands down. class act and always willing to fight who ever Dana puts infront of him. i hope he really shows everyone wats he can doon the 19th against the p4p fighter in the world.

WAR The Sandman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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