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7/3/07 10:48:30PM
What's up everybody! Just want to introduce myself and see if there's any clubs out there looking for a new player. I am a huge MMA fan, in every aspect. I enjoy keeping up with the current news, drama, build ups, and events. My favorite fighter is Randy Couture, not to be confused with whom I think is the best fighter. My other favorites are Shogun, Rampage, Henderson, GSP, Fedor, Diaz, Arlovski, BJ, Karo, and the list goes on and on. I'd like to think I know my stuff pretty well and am always open to hear your opinion and readjust my own. Ever since i stumbled upon this website I can't get enough of it and plan to be very active in the forums and hopefully successful in my picks. Besides MMA, I am a grad student in psychology, work as a fitness manager at a gym, total movie buff from older films to new, and a beach bum from southern california. Hit me up if you wanna talk MMA, movies, or whatever. Im looking for a club so if you're club is established and active and looking for someone, hit me up
7/4/07 8:52:52AM
I sent ya an invite, Welcome to the Site!
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