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8/19/08 7:01:24PM
Note: Decided to put this here instead of The Locker Room since it does contain a few movie spoilers...
Just finished watching it (downloaded it from iTunes for $15 earlier today), my quick thoughts/review of it:
Although Couture is billed in the iTunes description as UFC Champ, no mention of it in the film credits. He does fine in his role as the chief evil character but seems to be lacking a bit in the charisma department. Not The Rock by any means but not terrible either. He's certainly good in the fight scenes and-shock-there is even a little bit of MMA in a couple of the scenes (Randy pulls off a nice armbar among other moves, and in the opening scene there's the slightest bit of mounting into GNP). The fight scenes are nice and the visual effects are impressive, but once the film gets about 30 minutes in, it slows down as the main good guy takes over on his quest and there's little action for a good 40-45 minutes before it picks up a little near the end. I didn't like the one character who seems to do comedy too much, distracted a little from the plot, and I felt it didn't fit in. The last half-hour picked up the pace and seemed to set up either the first Scorpion King film or a sequel, but the end felt a bit rushed.
Overall, not a terrible film and Randy was fine in his debut, but not worth more than $15 (note that the iTunes version I got obviously has no DVD extras/features). I'd say rent it first then buy it if you like it enough.
Rating (1-10): 7.
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