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12/27/07 4:08:03PM
When you bridge during sub grappling/BJJ (for example, reversing top position on a guy who has you mounted or in side control), do you bridge up onto your head, as you would to avoid a pin in wrestling, or just onto your shoulder blades?

I only go onto my shoulder blades, but this isn't a conscious decision. It seems that rolling onto my head would slow the process down, but maybe this is just because my neck isn't as strong as it used to be (I still do some bridges in my daily stretching).
12/27/07 4:11:23PM
Bridging on your shoulders is the best way to reverse, just trap and arm, bridge and buck to which ever arm you have a wizzer/ lock on and you have the guard.

Hope this helped
12/27/07 4:24:04PM
i do head, shoulder are ok to but for me i dont get the lift as when i go onto my head.
12/27/07 4:39:51PM
Go to your shoulder. Bridge them sideways and back not just straight back. It's hard to explain so here's a good video to show you Link

Note: When the guy says put your other arm in his armpit or on his chest you could also just reach around their back and kind of hug him close to you.
12/27/07 7:02:54PM
I always do shoulder, as I think its safer. The only guys I've seen go for a bridge using the head are in the smaller weights, as theres less pressure on the neck when you're a 120lber grappling another 120lber.

On a side note, has anyone ever seen someone use a high bridge (a bridge onto the forehead and tiptoes) in sub grappling or MMA against full mount?
12/27/07 10:57:28PM
When I practice I do head, When I actually perform it during grappling I go shoulder.
12/27/07 11:03:57PM
since i am used to wrestling i occasionally use my head although i mostly use my shoulders. i am at a light weight (155) so it isn't that hard for me to do it and there isn't a lot of strain on my neck. for guard sweeps i use my shoulders in combination with me kicking one of their hips away and when i am mounted if i cannot get back to guard then i try to hold them close in and push off of the ground with my feet and arch with my shoulders to try and roll them over.
12/28/07 11:23:01PM
bridge onto your shoulders. Your shoulders will keep you stable and let you control your position, your head will not and you will be off balance.

Try this with your partner (who is letting you do it) and you will feel a big difference in how much balance there is.
12/29/07 12:42:46AM
I typically use a lot of trap and roll escapes so if I do them properly I don't have to bridge that much. In fact, I usually wouldn't go beyond the shoulders because I try to move from my hips.