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7/4/12 1:39:33PM
On Tuesday night, Michael Bisping offered up two names of fighters that he would like to face for his next fight.

Ironically on the 4th of July, American hero turned top ten middleweight Brian Stann has formally accepted the challenge and now it’s up to matchmaker Joe Silva to put the fight together.

Stann, who is currently recovering from a shoulder injury, heard Bisping mention his name on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight and immediately he was excited about the prospects of the fight.

“I think that’s a fight that I need to jump at because he’s obviously ranked higher than I am. He’s a guy that’s right up there in the mix for a title shot, which is what we all want. Of course I want to fight Michael Bisping,” Stann told on Wednesday.

“He’s a star in the UFC, he makes big time money, he’s got everything that everybody else wants, and he’s earned it so I want to take that. I saw the interview and I know my shoulder will be ready for Sept 22 in Toronto and that would be a great honor to put that fight on for the fans.”

7/4/12 1:50:56PM
Make it happen Joe. They both wanna do it and im all for it
7/4/12 3:46:39PM


Would love to see Stann touch Bispings chin.
7/4/12 5:52:59PM
I think the Canadians need a stacked card after the calgary fiasco
7/4/12 8:14:31PM
everyone loves to call out Bisping
7/5/12 6:03:47PM
Lets get it done, Stann is over rated. Bisping will show it ...
7/17/12 9:26:13PM
Here's a video with Michael Bisping wanting to fight Bian Stann! Check it out
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