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2/10/11 12:32:03PM
UFC welterweight Chris Lytle will reportedly remain on the UFC 127: "Penn vs. Fitch" pay-per-view event on Feb. 26 in Sydney, Australia, now that Brian Ebersole has agreed to step in for the injured Carlos Condit. Fight News Australia brought word of the change in opponents earlier today. Ebersole (44-15) has racked up seven straight wins and is 11-1 since 2007 competing mostly "Down Under." His only loss during that span was a submission (strikes) defeat to Bellator big shot Hector Lombard under the Cage Fighting Championship (CFC) banner in September 2008. The "Bad Boy" will make his UFC debut on just over two weeks notice against one of the sport's most grizzled veterans.

2/10/11 2:08:19PM
I didnt think they would get that experienced of a replacement.
2/10/11 3:15:35PM
He's experienced, but I don't see many quality opponents on his record. I can't say I know anything about the guy, but most of the names I recongnize on his record are losses. I may be wrong, but I think Lytle will be the easy pick in this fight.
2/10/11 3:44:44PM
Even though he's never been KO'd Lytle's style does leave a lot of openings for an opponent to capitalize so I always worry he could get caught. Do I think Ebersole is the guy to do it? No.

Damn shame because the original fight would have been fireworks.
2/10/11 4:19:41PM
It kinda makes sense to pick Ebersole just to give another hometown fighter (he's Australian) a shot at the big time in front of his home fans. It'll be tough for him just because it's 2 weeks' notice but then again, we've seen this work out before (Jim & Dan Miller).
2/10/11 6:12:07PM
Obviously, I like everyone, am disappointed that Condit isn't fighting but Ebersole is a solid fighter in terms of late replacements. Should still be a good fight.
2/10/11 7:27:43PM
This pay per view took a huge nose dive
Ufc doesn care they already sold out the arena but the fans deserve better who are seeing it live

Penn vs fitch
Bisping vs rivera
Lytle vs newbie
Noke vs cammozzi
Sodopop vs siver

Should be free spike tv event.

At least show fischer vs pearson on the pay per view
2/10/11 8:58:55PM
They need to salvage what they can from this PPV. As we all know, most of the PPVs that look horrible on paper end up being some of the best in terms of fights. But, 127 just needs that extra push to make hardcore fans purchase it. Maybe they could add in four extra fights on Spike. That would certainly make up for the lack of star power. Add in-

Ross Pearson vs. Spencer Fisher
Alexander Gustafsson vs. James Te Huna
Tie Quan Zhang vs. Jason Reinhardt
Nick Ring vs. Riki Fukuda

That would certainly make up for the negative side.
2/11/11 1:27:07PM
I think Condit-Lytle was what kept this a ppv...I sugest ion or spike tv to air the event now.