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11/29/08 12:15:37AM
Good article on a sometimes overlooked fighter...

"Brian Bowles doesn’t have a nickname, but figures he would adopt a moniker if somebody “came up with a cool one.”

No one has done so and the lack of a nickname actually meshes nicely with Bowles’ laid-back personality and substance-over-style approach to the fight game. He is a former police officer who started his MMA apprenticeship at the HardCore Gym in Athens, Ga. Hailed as a quick learner, Bowles outworks just about everybody in the training room, keeps charging and grinding even when he’s being treated like a punching bag, and if you stick a microphone in his face and ask him to speak publicly, he is a man of precious few words. He has skyrocketed up the rankings and is widely considered one of the top fighters in the world in his weight class."

11/29/08 1:31:23AM
Wow, another former cop that started his mma at Hardcore Gym. Could this be the second coming of Forrest Griffen? Time will tell, but this guy is really good.
11/29/08 1:42:35AM

Awesome! I've seenhim here working as bartender/bouncer in Athens and he's exactly as described in the article, really quiet and calm. I hope they show the WEC event there (kind of obvious no?), should be nice support our town guy from his actual workplace.
11/29/08 12:11:43PM
Bowles is cool.
Great fighter...and I can't help but call him "Marky Mark"
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