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12/1/09 1:20:26AM
"[Fedor] is certainly the best heavyweight in the world. But he does have weaknesses. We all do – isn’t that what makes champions great -- they win even with weaknesses? They win even though they can be beat? He is not a machine.... I want to fight soon, and I want to fight Alistair. I’m 100% healthy and took zero damage in the fight; so I’m ready to go right now. As I said Strikeforce is my home; I love Strikeforce and in my opinion Alistair holding the title belt is an insult to every fighter in this organization, every fan and to Scott Coker. Champions defend their titles. And either Scott strips him and real fighters battle for it; or I will take it off him the hard way."

Brett Rogers reflects on his recent knockout loss to Fedor Emelianenko and is eager to put it behind him and get back inside the cage sooner rather than later. He's wants to mix it up with Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, Alistair Overeem, saying that the Dutch fighter -- who has never defended his belt since defeating Paul Buentello to capture it more than two years ago -- needs to get busy or get out.

12/1/09 5:41:45AM
I don't understand how he thinks hes next in line. Yes, he did better than expected with Fedor but its Fedor's belt to take. Although I do think overeem would destroy Rogers.
12/1/09 9:00:19AM
overeem needs to be stripped
he can't fight in strikeforce but yet he is fighting in k-1 overseas
they need a interim title badly
12/1/09 11:04:07AM
The sentiment on the article's site seems to be that Overeem is avoiding the US (CSAC) testing and thats why he hasn't fought here. Interesting given his jump in muscle mass. In any event, if you don't defend but are healthy enough to fight k-1 overseas, see ya later! Something has to be done between Overeem, Verdum, and Fedor.
12/1/09 11:56:00AM
I think a lot of circumstances contribute to Overeem failing to defend his title, although I can not deny that he's partly at fault. At one point over the summer, he was injured before a fight with Rogers and by the time he was ready to fight Strikeforce was in Fedor negotiations.

The heavyweights in Strikeforce are just now starting to contend for a legitimate title. Rogers was the only person before a few weeks ago that even deserved a title shot (thanks to his KO of Arlovski); Werdum had defeated Mike Kyle, and Antonio Silva's last fight in America resulted in a suspension. When Strikeforce got Fedor Emelianenko they seemed pretty keen on Fedor vs. Rogers, wrapping up the two fighters that at the time actually deserved a crack at Overeem, probably because it was the most viable option to market Fedor's first televised fight with.

At that point, Overeem had nobody left to fight, so why not go overseas and try his hand at K-1?

The grand prix final is December 5th. After that's over, I'm interested to see where Overeem goes. If he decides to stick around Japan and pummel cans in MMA, I will be disappointed.
12/1/09 1:52:45PM
Hush that fuss, Brett Rogers move to the back of the bus.
12/1/09 2:02:19PM
If I were any part of the decision making process for any fight organization I would insist on Champions defending their titles at a minimum of once per year. This is just ridiculous!! I like Overeem too, but geesh....give the belt up at least!
12/1/09 2:05:21PM
What a misleading thread title.

There's going to be some ladies let down by all this title talk.
12/1/09 3:31:20PM
It confuses me as to why Coker hasnt confronted this situation...

I see 2 options

A. Interim title between Fedor and Werdum


B. Strip the title, Fedor v Werdum for the title

Strikeforce is on the verge of making it big, they do not need champs that wont defend...

P.S. Brett's a little funny, why the hell is he talking about getting a shot after a loss? ha
12/1/09 5:37:03PM
People gassed his head up. He heard people say how good he was and how he didn't take any damage and decided that the KO was a fluke thing. Probably has it in his head that if they fought ten more times, he'd win 9 of them.

That's fine. I like him and hope he does well. He's not afraid to fight anyone and wants to fight on the regular.
12/2/09 2:43:16AM

Posted by FlashyG

What a misleading thread title.

There's going to be some ladies let down by all this title talk.

I thought about changing it before I posted it but decided to leave it. Wanted to see if anybody would say anything.
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