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11/3/09 10:00:43AM
Trainer Mike Reilly has seen a lot of fighters come and go through his garage, but Brett Rogers really made an impression.

When Rogers stepped into the five-car garage Reilly converted into an MMA gym, he was hard to miss at six-feet-five-inches and 280 pounds. But more than that, he lacked the big-guy arrogance of other men his size.

“When he came to do this, his primary thing was, ‘I’ve got a wife and three kids,’” Reilly told “I’ve gotta provide for my family.”

Rogers was stuck in a split-shift job at Sam’s Club working 40 to 50 hours a week, barely covering his expenses. He grew up in the Cabrini-Green projects in Chicago, had heavy hands, and never backed down from a fight, but that wasn’t putting food on his table. His talents needed shaping.

11/3/09 7:09:58PM
Come to think of it .... It is a pretty interesting story line we have unfolding here in front of our eyes. I mean, no one is giving Rogers a chance. Despite the fact that he will outweigh Fedor by 50 lbs. or so. Could he pull it off? Maybe. Anybody with heavy hands like he's shown has a chance in nearly any fight. Will he pull it off? I doubt it. He's hungry, young, and up against the baddest man on the planet. Would be pretty amazing if he pulled out the W somehow.

I do like how they're talking about the ground game, though. C'mon.. let's be serious. Rogers has a chance on the feet, but on the ground? If Rogers submits Fedor then I will have to eat my shoe. I just don't see it happening. No way, no how.
11/3/09 9:09:22PM
He definitely has the power in his hands to KO just about anyone, I think the problem is that he's too slow to make those hands land on someone of Fedor's caliber.
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