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POLL: Who will win between Rogers and Overeem?
Rogers via KO/TKO 25% (10)
Overeem via KO/TKO 68% (27)
Rogers via Submission 0% (0)
Overeem via Submission 5% (2)
Rogers via Decision 0% (0)
Overeem via Decision 3% (1)
4/20/10 1:56:15PM
MMA Fighting spoke to Strikeforce heavyweight contender Brett Rogers this weekend about his upcoming title fight against Alistair Overeem on May 15. Rogers didn't hold back when discussing Overeem's lack of of title defenses over the last two years and Overeem's new and improved physique.

To watch the interview click the link below.

-Link Here-
4/20/10 4:49:48PM
wheres the option for "the drug test wins"?
4/20/10 4:58:32PM
-wheres the option for "the drug test wins"?-

I only had 6 spaces for options. Other wise it would definitely be there. lol
4/20/10 6:20:40PM
Overeem by whatever he wants, i don't Brett Rogers winning this fight.
4/20/10 6:26:36PM
I can't see Rogers bullying around Overeem the way he bullies around his other opponents.

I also can't see Overeem bullying around Rogers the way he bullies around his other opponents.

So, all things being equal strength and body wise I'll take skill over aggression and size any day of the week. Overeem should secure himself the KO. But then again- Rogers has some serious power. Gonna be a great match up. He'll probably walk right into Overeem's brutal knees.
4/20/10 6:36:05PM
If Overeem can properly measure the distance he can chop away at rogers knees at make it a long,long,night for Mr.Grim
4/20/10 7:37:41PM
I actually see Rogers getting the KO. From what I saw in his fight against Fedor, he can hang with anyone pretty much anywhere. He showed sound grappling and that he doesn't just flop his heavy fists around. He's got good stand up too. I know Overeem finishes fights, but he's also been finished plenty of times by guys who dont have nearly Rogers' power. I think its unlikely that Overeem will avoid all of the Grim's shots and when he doesn't I think his night will come to a quick end.
4/21/10 7:12:55AM
It will defo be interesting to see what kind of size Alistair can bring into the cage this time and quite agree that he is unlikely not to get tagged a few times by Brett. I do not think either will want to go to ground so should be a solid stand up war - bring it on!
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