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POLL: Will Favre Really Retire For Good Now?
Yes, He's Finally Done 53% (10)
No, He'll Change His Mind As Usual 11% (2)
I'll Believe It When I See It Next Season 26% (5)
He's Tormenting Kellerman Again 0% (0)
Wrangler. Real. Comfortable. Jeans. 11% (2)
Get Favre Some Just For Men-The Rejuvenator! 0% (0)
2/11/09 9:55:14AM
As always, draw your own conclusions as this is Brett FAAA-VRUH. But he apparently is telling his agent to tell the Jets he's retiring (yet again).

2/11/09 9:58:02AM
I think he's actually done this time. The guy's arm was a wet noodle for the 2nd half of last year. I think he's physically reached his limit and will finally step away.

I'm a huge Colts fan, but I've always enjoyed watchin Favre play. He'll be missed.
2/11/09 10:00:07AM
Yeah this time will be for good. I wonder who is going to be the jets '09 QB.
2/11/09 10:05:36AM
By default the first in line probably would be Kellen Clemens but he's not exactly getting glowing endorsements. They'll probably seek a replacement via free agency, trades, or the Draft.
2/11/09 10:09:07AM

Posted by DCRage

By default the first in line probably would be Kellen Clemens but he's not exactly getting glowing endorsements. They'll probably seek a replacement via free agency, trades, or the Draft.

...and fail miserably in doing so.
2/11/09 1:34:15PM
jeff garcia
2/11/09 5:08:40PM
brett farve is future hof but i never really liked the guy, really for no reason just something about him
2/11/09 5:36:42PM
Just wait. If he has successful surgery and the season gets closer, Brett will be in the news again pondering a comeback. Reports are he wants to play for the Vikes. It sounded like the jets were not gonna cut him outright so he's retiring. I don't think I'd want him anyway, especially after his flop the last half of the season.

I also think its funny how Madden and others drool over Farve. He did win a superbowl and had fun playing the game but it seems everyone forgets about the int record. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I'm a Vikings fan but oh well.
2/11/09 6:17:23PM
I think he is done. He cant throw a deep ball anymore. He throws too many INT's and if it werent for thomas jones the jets would probably have been a .500 team at best. Favre should retire this season permanently.
2/11/09 6:21:15PM
His INT total is pretty high, but only because he tries to squeez balls into areas most QB's wouldn't risk, and he's been pretty successful at it for the most part. I hope he stays retired for good this time around, because I can't endure another off season of Brett Farve "will he retire or not?" plaguing my Sportscenter.
2/12/09 1:57:04PM
I hope he's done. I wouldn't want to see him tarnish his legacy one of the top quarter backs to ever play the game.
2/12/09 6:46:12PM
i really hope he is this time. he should just get out before he destroys his own legacy.
2/14/09 8:07:10PM
Brett Favre is a football god and one of my idols. He played with so much excitement and love for the game. I loved watching him run around like a little kid after scoring a big play.

He also played with as much guts and heart as anyone ever has, he was the iron man of the sport and a definition of what a quarter back should be. I could care less about his interceptions because he had the balls to attempt some of the craziest passes in history. Favre had an absolute rocket for an arm and was noted for breaking his recievers hands in practice because he put so much pepper on his passes. He was a blast to watch and was never boring and really should have won more championships.

I do agree though that it is time to hang up the gloves, he could still lead a team to the superbowl with the right team and a little bit of luck but he really has nothing to prove anymore. He owns a huge collection of QB records and will go down as one of the best to ever play.

On I side note, I could see him one day coaching the Packers....I was thinking about it the other day, his heart has always been in Green Bay and he is royalty in that area...I would love to see it.

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