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7/11/10 5:27:02PM

The Ultimate Fighter 10 vet Brendan Schaub is fresh off an impressive UFC 116 win over Chris Tuchscherer and now the heavyweight up and comer feels he is ready for a step up in competition:

"I think I took a step ahead of the rest of those [up-and-comers] beating a guy like Tuchscherer," Schaub said. "If you look at the other up-and-comers, ... they're fighting guys (that are) not as experienced. I think I'd definitely be ready for a (Mirko) 'Cro Cop' (Filipovic) or a Gilbert Yvel. I won't call anyone out, but if Joe Silva calls me, I'm ready for whatever he wants to throw my way."
7/11/10 6:45:16PM
He is ready to take a step up in competition.
7/11/10 7:30:17PM
I don't know if he is ready for a cro cop or Yvel but hey who knows
7/11/10 7:53:01PM
stefen struve
7/11/10 10:08:22PM
Schaub is very similar to Dos Santos, I believe in this guys talent, I think he'll have a long healthy career.
7/11/10 10:39:23PM
I think he's too fast for Cro Cop, but the Yvel fight would be interesting.
7/12/10 12:20:40AM
He seems like he's still buying into his own hype a little bit. I hope thats not true though because he seems like he could be a legit contender some time down the road. I think they should take him up slow though. Cro Cop showed in his last fight that despite having slowed and lost some of his edge, he is still a crafty enough veteran to tame a young lion or two.

I'd like to see him fight Struve as well.
7/12/10 8:58:25AM
I don't think he is asking too much here hell Yvel should thank Schaub if this fight happens cause as much as I like Gilbert I figured they had droped him by now.
7/12/10 9:15:50AM
Yes, I think Brendan buys his own hype, that Team Jackson sells him. Slowly but surely, he didnt lose TUF by accident. He is one of the most exciting fighters keep him around for that if anything.
7/12/10 11:03:53AM
i'd see him taking it to yvel, agreed with that matchup. Heck, i even think he's ready for a guy like crocop, why not. let the newcomers run with it.
7/12/10 12:36:16PM
I will look in my crystal ball
I see schaub fighting at ufc 121. Vs either russow, madsen or duffy next
7/12/10 6:19:20PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I will look in my crystal ball
I see schaub fighting at ufc 121. Vs either russow, madsen or duffy next

So you think they are going to feed him to a beast? Those are procpects as is Schaub
7/12/10 8:29:07PM
He should get a step up in competition - him getting 45 seconds of ringtime every 3-4 months is something I usually do not like in prospects because it difficult to see their entire arsenal.

I think a Madsen rematch could be pretty good - Id like to know if Schaubs TD Defense has improved. If not Madsen I think Hardonk could be a good fight for him as well.
7/12/10 9:07:55PM
Sure let him fight Cro Cop I wanna see him get KO'd again
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