UFC 75 Breaks Spike TV and North American Ratings Record

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9/11/07 2:13:22PM

"Saturday’s tape-delayed broadcast of UFC 75 scored a 3.1 rating — or, approximately 4.7 million viewers — to set an all-time ratings record for Spike TV. Additionally, the event was the most-watch mixed-martial-arts event ever in North America."

Now this is cool and good for the sport
9/11/07 3:22:35PM
Not suprising, but great to hear. Hope this isn't the last time we get a freebee.
9/11/07 3:29:24PM
i remember reading somewhere that he's gonna try to do atleast 1 per year
9/11/07 3:40:32PM
i think he needs to do 2 maybe 3 a yeah and build up a fight out of it
9/11/07 5:30:25PM

let's see if it keeps the hype for the UFN next week.
9/11/07 11:01:14PM
Call me crazy, but I find this to be bad news.


IMO, this was one of the worst UFC events I have ever seen. Three of the main card fights went to decision. One of which had sever illegal groin shots and another a controversial end.

The title fight was pretty decent though, but still, it went the distance.

I just think of all those new people tuning in to see all the BS I mentioned above and wonder if they changed their mind about MMA or got a bad first impression.

UFC 74 would've been a lot better IMO (note the Sorbral fight wasn't aired.)
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