3 Breaks in 1 round?

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1/15/12 5:33:06PM
Again, refer to post #17 in this thread for a response to the sentence you continue quoting where I mention it is tongue-in-cheek and then offer a full breakdown and opinion on the fight.

I simply tried to keep you from crossing a forum rule line to keep you ON the site, the polar opposite of a ban threat which you mistakenly said I had done before. It's cool, everyone makes mistakes. I don't think there's anything left to discuss.
1/16/12 4:49:13PM

Posted by prophecy033

He was clearly fatigued as I expected from not having a day off from weight cutting
posted by 40ouncetpkid

When did this happen? He wasn't cutting weight for most of those 2 days

So, who does cut weight all day? Cutting weight period takes a toll on your body. Not to mention having to so it the extra day.

Definitely some fishy stuff. You could tell they had every intention of making sure Johnson didn't get a rest. Like I said before it wasn't absolutely ridiculous but in any other fight it wouldn't have been stood up that quick.
1/17/12 3:17:19AM
I've heard that there is an official rule that says when a fighter misses a weight by a certain amount the ref is supposed to stand them up within 10 seconds of relative inactivity. That could be what the rule is all the time and it's just not enforced, but clearly Miragliotta was following the stand-up rule to a T, and was not about to let Johnson lay there.
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