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7/9/08 1:22:53AM
There are certain traditions that are expected to be followed during a telecast of any mixed martial arts contest: ring girls putting their surgeon's work on display, labored prefight insults and -- most crucial of all -- commentators audibly musing about how they don't quite understand the rules.
7/9/08 1:31:01AM
Not being allowed to put your hand over someones mouth is BS IMO...
7/9/08 1:40:03AM
I have always thought that HW should end at 250lbs and that any higher should be super HW.
7/9/08 10:23:58AM
i like no knees, I hate the weight classes, too many champs n crap. makes MMA look more like boxing with 20 weight classes. No Maurice Smith move is bogus, w/e tho at least its a start.
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