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3/12/11 2:40:35PM
Now ufc is the nfl king of mma

Buying their closest competiters
This year will be interesting

Ufc said to leave strikeforce as is

But I think by end of year strikeforce will eventually absorb into ufc

And heavyweight tournament winner will face ufc heavyweight

And nick diaz will face gsp.

This is crazy!!!! Curious what ufc will do

I do think we should get some free pay per views
But ufc now could be on almost every week on tv
3/12/11 3:10:18PM
confirmation link wouldn't hurt.

allow me.
3/12/11 3:13:38PM

“Strikeforce is going to continue to run -- business as usual. There are contracts in place, and we honor contracts. These guys pull good ratings on Showtime, and all of those contracts are going to be honored. These guys are going to remain Strikeforce fighters.”

“We've signed a deal with Scott Coker. He's staying on. You've seen me battle with guys over the years, but I’ve never had a bad thing to say about Scott Coker. I’ve known Scott since the K-1 days. Scott is a good guy.”

So, for now at least is sounds like a "WEC for Showtime" kind of deal. That's a tad perplexing to me, but it's amazing news no matter how you slice it.
3/12/11 3:23:35PM
if they run strikeforce like they run ufc then strikeforce could be a serious powerhouse along with the ufc, and with really no competition because the 2 top earning organization will be under the same ownership. these big dream matches that i keep saying will never come true like jacare vs silva, gsp vs diaz, overeem vs cain, could possibly happen is crazy
3/12/11 4:16:19PM
holy moly this is fantastic! so does this mean Fedor is out?
3/12/11 6:19:56PM
I can't believe this
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