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2/16/07 2:18:52PM
check it out.. just saw this.. looks like yvel wont be fighting kharitonov, and we wont be seeing randleman in action again anytime soon..

2/16/07 2:27:25PM
Bahahahha!!! Not even 5 minutes ago in another thread I said I doubted Yvel would be allowed to fight in the States.

No big surprise about Randleman either. It's one thing to fail a test, but try and trick them and you're asking for it. I have no pity for him at all.
2/16/07 2:32:31PM
Yeah, that pretty much blows my thread out of the water...

Well, I hope Kharitonov fights well, against whomever.
2/16/07 2:50:05PM
It's going to be tough to find a decent replacement on such short notice. Most likely they will have to get an American or a foreign fighter that was already going to be in the country, maybe like a teammate of somebody else on the card.

2/16/07 3:08:56PM
It's Kharitonov, just get any competent fighter and he'll have a decent chance of beating Sergei.
2/16/07 3:09:27PM
Sweeeeeeeeet. I wasnt sure of the bet I had made on Yvel and wished I could take it back. The guy is a jerk anyways for those who havent seen the video.
2/16/07 3:29:58PM
I find it hard to believe that the NSAC could disallow Yvel to fight based on something he did 3 years ago, and in Finland no less. Granted it was a dumb move on his part, and he has proven himself to be a lose cannon on several other ocasions. It's too bad some American fans arent going to get a chance to see one of the best strikers in the history of the sport.

Heres the video of the act in question:
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