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6/11/07 4:05:06PM
Let’s just throw it out there and see how it sounds:

Yushin Okami defeats Rich Franklin at UFC 72 to earn the right to fight for the UFC Middleweight Championship.

6/11/07 5:36:44PM
man that article has a pretty heavy franklin bias if you ask me... no surprise that it's on the ufc's official website. I agree with some of what he's saying, but I personally think there is no real underdog in this fight. I'll put my money on okami, but when a fight is this close it usually just comes down to who brings their A game on that night.
6/11/07 7:37:52PM
Well personally I think it should be bias, because Franklin is the better fighter. Boy will I look like an ass if he loses...heh
6/11/07 10:31:20PM
wow, this article disrespects Okami and Serra quite a bit. At the end the writer dismisses Serra's win as a fluke, saying that it could always happen with ookami/franklin. Also Okami hits hard as a mofo and they failed to even acknowldge that. Okami also has more international experience than franklin.
6/12/07 12:20:12AM
In my opinion, Franklin will win this fight. I just can't see any other outcome, I don't know what method but my guess is by tko. Just because he lost his belt,does'nt mean he is'nt an absolute monster at 185. (he's too powerful for okami)
6/12/07 2:31:15AM
Them saying he hasn't been to the big show when he has fought at Busihdo is pretty retarded considering there crowd attendance. I don't think him fighting as the main card will affect him at all (not like it's for the title). I see Franklin winning by decision although it could go either way and I'm pretty stoked about the fight.
6/12/07 8:38:24AM
I vote Okami TKO via GnP.
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