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8/3/08 4:15:20PM
No, not after a high-speed chase. This actually went down during a recent seminar at the Fairfax County Police Department, where SWAT officers convinced Amir to get “tazed” for a demonstration. Looks like someone’s earning their $50 a day…

8/3/08 4:29:20PM

that noise was hilarious! props to Amir that has to hurt like hell
8/3/08 4:38:53PM
"What ever you do, don't scream."............."AHHHHHHHHHHHH"
8/3/08 4:50:42PM
Amir- Don't Taze me Bro !
8/3/08 4:59:08PM
Man, that headline scared me...I was thinking this was the most jinxed season of TUF ever.
8/3/08 5:06:10PM
lol me to i was like first jt then page now amir. wow.... but tazers hurt pretty ******* bad ive been tazed by both police and non and his reaction is pretty tru
8/3/08 5:43:33PM
Holy crap, that 5 sec. lasted forever...
8/3/08 7:31:49PM
ye ive been tased too, it wast a demo its a werid pain, hard to describe but ye i screamed too lol
8/3/08 7:39:27PM
I've been tased too. Taser's origional training for law enforcement required that you experience the shock before you could be certified to carry it. That meant nothing more than sitting in a line with the rest of your squad and sending a short shock through the entire group at one time. Which was no big deal.

At the same time they we're supposed to be giving out free t-shirts to any idiot who thought it would be a good idea to take the full five second "ride". So, like a fool I figured what the hell. Let's just say they're not too fun, thats for sure. And every time I hear that sound, I still remember what it felt like.

But worst of all, I never got the stupid shirt. They sent me a little pin instead. I probably would have never worn it, but I lost the damnit the next day. thats ok though- I still have the "signiture marks" that the taser left behind, so who needs a stinkin' pin anyway.
8/3/08 8:39:26PM
HAHA!! he sounded like chewbaca!

8/3/08 10:32:01PM
Before they Tasered him, he should have said - "don't you know who I am? I'm in the UFC!!!!!" ZAP!
8/4/08 2:50:20AM

Posted by grappler0000

Man, that headline scared me...I was thinking this was the most jinxed season of TUF ever.

i'm with you man. when i saw that title i began to flip out. as if MMA hasn't suffered enough in the past couple of weeks only to have another fighter get in trouble with the law. our sport is in it's growing stages and it is very fragile. a few more instances like Rampage and we can be in some serious trouble.
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