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8/7/08 6:51:24PM
Im Going To break down the 4 fights that i want to see so i can see other peoples opinion on this so here we go

ill start with jason mcdonald vs demian maia
i think this is either going to be a one sided fight for maia or a one sided fight for mcdonald. ill give everything to mcdonald EXCEPT for jiu jitsu/wrestling. jason is a tall lenky guy with great athletiscm. i think if he worked on his TD defense then this is going to be a long night for maia. but on the other hand maia's jits is on a whole nother level. were talking about an abu dhabi champ. not only that but i think the guy has won a mundial as well. if we see this fight hit the ground dont expect mcdonald to not get tapped out because maia is no joke but i can see this fight going either way.

winner: maia 2nd round sub

Lesnar Vs. Herring
for some odd reason people are still counting lesnar out. i believe he proved that he was for real and if the ref had just warned him about the back of the head shot. we wouldve seen lesnar beat frank mir. i wasnt impressed with mir at all he got a lucky submission on a guy with hardly any sub skills but anyways i see this fight looking a lot like herring vs. o brian. lesnar is going to take him down at will and punch away to what i think will be either an early ko or a boring unanimous dec.

winner: lesnar rd 1 ko/tko

Huerta vs Ken flo

this fight has FOTN written all over it. this is going to be the fight to watch. i am soooo excited for this fight i cant even explain it. in my opinion these two guys havent fought top level competition. with the exception of florian fighting sherk and huerta fighting guida. i dont think florian is going to even come close to winning this fight. the only person he has fought that was good is sherk and he lost. huerta who fought guida actually won. i just think that huertas striking is better his wrestling is better and is gonna be bigger the only thing kenny does better is his jiu jitsu but i dont see roger getting subbed. i dont think that the winner of this fight should get BJ. they are not ready IMO. but all in all huerta is going to dominate for 3 rounds.

winner: huerta UN dec.

Fitch Vs. St pierre

ill keep this one short. fitch is basically gonna be overwhelemed by GSP's athletiscm. i dont see GSP finishing this fight. and if GSP is gonna lose i see him getting caught in a submission

Winner: GSP UN dec.

thanks for reading. these are just my opinions by the way feel free to add your own
8/7/08 7:52:50PM
i got all 4 of those guys winning. it just sucks that i have to work on the night of ufc 87.
8/7/08 8:49:15PM
How was Mir's sub over Lesnar Lucky? He set it up knew what he was doing and executed it very well.

Kinda using MMAth on the Kenny Roger fight. Who they have fought has little to do with the outcome of the fight. I would agree Roger's wrestling is better but I think Kenny has him in the stand up and in the end will tap him.
8/7/08 9:03:11PM
yea everyone saw that one coming well Lesnar didn't
8/7/08 9:12:02PM
Mir got a lucky submission? Yeah and Lesnar got a lucky takedown!

How do you get a lucky submission? Mir has trained countless hours on how to set up this submission and how to execute it. Herring is a much more well rounded fighter than mir; better striking wrestling and conditioning. Lesnar is going to get swept in this fight and pounded out at some point
8/7/08 9:27:33PM
I've got Herring in this fight. Hitman, are you interested in an av bet? PM me if so.
8/8/08 12:43:07AM
i got maia
lesnar i did pick mir to win him and herring is no slouch but i think lesnar will learn a little more and come out blazzing again and will ground and pound out a win
i just don't see kenflo losing look at huerta's opponents besides guida none are in the ufc now. ken flo will cut him open and submit him
gsp vs fitch going 5 rounds i highly doubt it
i think gsp by anything he wants by the end of the third and it's hard for me to say that cause i like fitch alot
8/8/08 2:35:43AM
I think Demain Maia is definitely an up and comer and I'm probably going to take him in a 2nd or 3rd Round Submission. Once the fight has been on the feet a little, it will decidedly go to the canvas, and I see Maia pulling off a submission pretty quickly once that happens.

As far as Lesnar vs. Herring, I see it going one of two ways. Lesnar will come out and impose his will, gaining a first or 2nd round KO/TKO with more than likely GNP, or 2) Herring will weather the storm and ride out either a late submission or possibly a decision. I personally am most likely going to subscribe to the former b/c I think that Lesnar will come out with an increased sense of purpose and will choose his tactics a bit more carefully.

As far as Huerta vs. Florian, I think it will be a great fight and will more than likely go the three full rounds. I believe that Florian will outpoint Huerta with strikes and his ground game. UD for Florian.

Main fight. I like both of these guys so it is a tough one to pick, and I'll go with the standard disclaimer of not being surprised if either one pulls it off in stunning fashion. However, I am here to pick one of the 2, and after some careful thought, I see GSP winning a 3rd or 4th round TKO by using his speed, athleticism, and ability to overmatch his opponents. By that, I mean he just brings a certain energy to the ring that most others don't. Fitch shouldn't be phased by it, but I think he will have trouble keeping up with him.
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