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7/7/07 3:15:53PM
By Aaron Crecy (

UFC 73: Stacked
Saturday, July 7, 2007
Live PPV: 7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST
Arco Arena
Sacramento, CA

On the heels of a desultory June pay-per-view event from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Zuffa LLC is making a spirited effort to right the ship. UFC 73 "Stacked" features a star-studded main card and title fights in both the lightweight and middleweight divisions. In the main event, muay Thai savant Anderson Silva defends his 185-pound belt versus Nate Marquardt, a seasoned veteran with solid stand-up skills and an excellent ground game. In the 155-pound class, incumbent Sean Sherk puts his title on the line against Hermes Franca.
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7/7/07 3:27:57PM
I can't believe buddy is picking Nate, he honestly thinks the fight will go 5 rounds...lmao
7/7/07 3:48:54PM
It is not weird to see him pick Nate, but I can not see it going 5 rounds. Nate is no push over and will bring it to Silva. My prediction is Silva 2nd round KO.
7/7/07 4:58:48PM
Thanks. I still haven't read the article, but i sure can test my woofer on the buttons of that site
7/7/07 5:25:37PM
its not bad to pick nate but 5 rounds come on.
7/7/07 6:06:54PM
I think Nate has a better shot at beating Anderson than Evans does beating Tito.
7/7/07 7:21:49PM
7/7/07 7:33:36PM
What a great card hopefully the fights live up to the hype. I am really looking foward to one of the main event fights being a war. We havnt seen a big fight be a war. (Couture/sylvia went the distance but too one sided to be a war). I am thiking evans/tito is gonna be the fight of the night.
7/7/07 9:07:23PM
I am not sure what fight card he saw in April but I thought that the fights were outstanding and the UFC has nothing to be ashamed of. As far as his picks for the fight are...everything can change with a single punch.
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