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4/18/11 10:43:18PM
So i have had a few posts lately about nutrition. So, i am trying to eat healthier. One question i have is about bread. I have stopped eating white bread, but now i don't know what to eat. I have heard Wheat bread is good, then i heard that whole grain is the way to go. But then i see all sorts of kinds. Like Wheat, Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, so is Whole Wheat as good as whole grain? Which have the good carbs? Which one is the healthiest choice?
If anyone could shed some light on it, it would be appreciated.
4/19/11 12:09:39AM
Whole Grain can have any number of grains (including wheat), while Whole Wheat is just the one grain. Being "whole" means that the grains are not refined, which in turn eliminated a good portion of the nutrients. If you buy wheat bread that doesn't specify "whole", it is likely refined. Whether you want to buy whole grain or whole wheat, that's up to you. With whole wheat, you know you're getting wheat. With whole grain, you'll have to read the package to see what grains are in it, since it can vary.
4/19/11 12:20:29AM
Whole Wheat =

In moderation of course
4/19/11 8:45:22PM
i heard ezicial bread is better. not sure on the spelling but check it out
6/15/11 12:41:43PM
As previously mentioned, avoid refined bread products. Another word that you must look for is called "bleached".

You want to eat whole wheat bread in moderation but also in relation to your training. For instance, wheat bread provides you with a longer lasting energy source and if you don't train to burn off this energy then it will transform to fat.

Eating wheat bread while participating in a strenuous workout routine will help you out by providing your body with energy. So eat it in moderation but in relation to your workout regimen.

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