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8/28/07 5:05:26PM
Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title holder Anderson Silva recently took time from his training in Brazil to answer an e-mail Q&A from The Enquirer's Tim Curtis about his bout with Cincinnati native Rich Franklin at U.S. Bank Arena Oct. 20.:

8/28/07 5:10:19PM
Alright now that this whole Couture vs. Gonzaga mess is over I gotta start getting stoked about this one... come on UFC, keep that crack flowing through my veins!
8/28/07 8:27:10PM
"I will deal with it like I always do, with a big smile on my face." --- Silva on the Cincinnati crowd.

Classy as always.
8/29/07 12:19:46AM
What do you know about Cincinnati?
I know it's in the middle of the country

HA that was funny to me.
8/29/07 12:54:30AM
Well no duh he's confident, does he think we forgot the last time he fought Franklin!
8/29/07 1:19:45AM
Anderson Silva has to be one of the classiest guys to step foot in the octagon. He never ceases to amaze me with his fighting and the way he handles the media attention and general crowd.

One of my favorite moments with him was before the Travis Luter fight. You could see just how angry he was with Luter for not coming prepared and turning his fight into a non-title fight. I will always appreciate his desire for real competition and look forward to what looks to be on paper the best Middleweight matchup we could ever ask for.
8/29/07 2:19:59AM
oh man anderson by brutal KO
8/29/07 10:08:15AM
i've gotta be honest.. i dont know how to call this one..
honestly... rich could win, but i believe that silva's technique will prevail
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