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6/23/10 2:31:00AM
Does anyone have a list of the best BJJ gyms for ages 14 and up? Specifically on the west side of Chicago if you can. Not just ones who consider themselves the best, but I mean considered best by many.

6/23/10 7:33:14AM
Torres Martial arts is in East Chicago. Of course this is the home of Miguel Torres. As far as a list that gives the top gyms in your little corner of the world I think you would have to try them all then make your own list. Here a link to Torres Martial Arts
6/30/10 2:38:41AM
Curran Martial Arts. Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We've placed 1st-3rd in every Jiu Jitsu tournament we've entered over the last several years. We have successful fighters like Pat Curran, Jeff Curran, Bart Palaszewski, Nate Mohr, and several local up and comers and boxers as well.

6/30/10 5:14:28PM
east chicago is a completely different city. it isnt even in illinois. my friend lives in bucktown and there is a bjj studio on practically every other corner. i can see how this would be a difficult problem to tackle
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