UFC 7: The Brawl in Buffalo

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4/6/12 6:01:54PM
UFC 7 followed the same format as UFC 6, there was an eight man tournament and a super fight. Before the main card started there were 3 alternate bouts. No alternates were used during the tournament and none of the alternates that fought made an impact on this card or any future UFC card.


Includes 2 classic UFC 7 fights.
4/6/12 11:31:54PM
this tourney fell short for me. Ruas was impressive, but the ufc still had a long way to go but by this time had lost some the luring qualities in the first few tournaments. Great article though, props.
4/7/12 2:58:20AM
Thanks mate, I didn't mind this tournament, but once again, the super fight was awful!
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