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5/9/07 2:13:16PM
This camp is designed specifically for those who are active members of Most camps contain predominantly people who haven't put up avatars in their profiles, let alone posted on the boards. They come, post who they think should win, place a few bets, and then go about their business. This is for those who are devoted to the site!

Qualifications for membership:

- Actively partake on the message boards
- Regularly place bets on fights
- Regularly pick winners to fights
- While it is optional, it is ENCOURAGED to have an avatar in your profile (it gives you some color! Come on!)

This is pretty much it! I don't care what your record is, or how far up in the rankings you are, all I care about is participation! I want an active camp for active site participants.
5/9/07 6:51:54PM
Can I join? Im the only active member on my current team and it sucks, Id love to join an active team!
5/9/07 11:40:20PM
Absolutely man!
5/12/07 6:44:32PM
Word up to the top brass club, this is a fantastic idea. We need a playground allstars team!
5/13/07 1:06:28AM
We already have one. Its called Nutthuggers Suck.

But seriously, thats a good idea for a Fight Camp.
5/15/07 11:33:44AM
It will be a slow climb, but we shall reign supreme, mark this day! :-p
5/15/07 1:15:07PM
Quick question, why is the camp named top brass club?
5/15/07 2:12:42PM
Top brass is a military nickname for the top officers in the various military branches. Why I used it in this case should be evident with that definition.
5/20/07 8:44:20PM
6/5/07 10:25:31AM

I want to get at least 4 members, let's get some interest!
6/6/07 5:43:15PM
TOP BRASS CLUB is the best !
6/13/07 5:55:41PM
can i join? I like the camp !
6/13/07 6:18:06PM
Hey gutoo what happened?????
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