If the UFC brass calls, Diego Sanchez is ready for his lightweight title shot

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6/22/09 9:13:41AM
LAS VEGAS – Even before his already epic fight with Clay Guida at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale, Diego Sanchez stumped for a lightweight title shot and declared himself the No. 1 contender at 155 pounds.

And now, following Saturday's main event victory at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Sanchez hasn't wavered in his belief.

With his split-decision win over Guida, a bout that earned both competitors $25,000 "Fight of the Night" awards, Sanchez said his future is in the hands of the UFC brass. And if UFC President Dana White declares Sanchez title worthy, "Nightmare" is ready for the task at hand.

6/22/09 9:14:34AM
I can't stand Diego...never have and never will be able to, but holy crap...he looked friggin' good on Saturday!
6/22/09 9:58:35AM
Diego is truely a NIGHTMARE.

He will be the "Lightweight Champion" mark my words!!!
6/22/09 11:03:58AM
Diego has the abbility to do great things in MMA, but I don't see him beating BJ and I truly believe, if Florian won the belt, Diego would lose the rematch. I think he'll be a top contender, but not a champion.
6/22/09 12:11:04PM
Diego needs to fight Gray Maynard before he even starts talking about a title shot. A unanimous decision over Joe Daddy and a split decision over Clay Guida isn't enough to declare yourself as the #1 contender.
6/22/09 12:48:19PM
I think he has to beat Sherk to get the title shot. Beating Stevenson and Guida with decisions is not titleshotworthy IMO.
P.S. If Titleshotworthy is not a word it should be!
6/22/09 2:31:25PM
Diego could easily be the next light weight champ. He looked amazing on Saturday, he's gonna be a very serious force at lightweight as long as he's there.
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