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8/19/09 1:33:31PM
Brandon Vera is tired of all the talking. It is very easy to imagine the typical Vera training sessions as intense mental battles where talking, save light colloquialisms with teammates, is a punishment. Be clear, Vera loves the MMA public. Had it not been for you, me and the world, his highlight reels wouldn’t be celebrated nor his progress considered a beacon for MMA’s bright future. Still when the talking constantly revolves around doubt on his abilities as an athlete and whether he still has that ‘thing’ that made the fans ooze star struck at his very mention, Vera is not much of a conversationalist with the media these days.

8/19/09 4:11:11PM
Not to take anything away from Kristoff but I really feel Matt Hamill would have been a better test for Vera to see if he is back to his old ways of finishing in a convincing manner.
8/19/09 4:40:24PM
Hamill is due for another fight soon too, way tough and hard hitting wrestler.
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