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7/10/08 12:30:38AM
” …everybody’s saying that my power looks and good and actually my kicks look faster and harder now. I was 212 (pounds) today at the end of practice … I think it’s working to an advantage. It’s making me hungry and meaner…. I wouldn’t mind staying at 205. It’s all up to UFC in their grand scheme of things. We’ll see what’s going on and what they have in mind…. Talent-wise, man, the who’s who of 205 in the world is in the UFC right now. It’s ridiculous, it’s a whole long laundry list of who’s who. And the heavyweight division — you can pull, I think, maybe six guys out of the heavyweights. So yeah, I would say that 205 is way more stacked.”

7/10/08 12:35:20AM
i think Vera could be dangerous at 205. he has great striking and could give some guys some problems. i think Vera Vs. Liddell would be a pretty crazy fight.
7/10/08 10:16:52AM
brandon vera should stay at light heavyweight

If you go into a heavyweight fight weighing around 225 lbs you are gonna be in big trouble in the UFC. Especially with all the talent in the UFC nowadays. Hes not fighting assuerio silva and justin eilers anymore.
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