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7/23/07 9:36:55PM
does anyone know what he has been up to or when he is slated to fight again? he looked so dominant every time ive seen him that i am anxious to see him fight again and am surprised that the ufc isnt trying to rush him back into the ring. exciting guys like him are great for the sport.

that said i keep hearing about him being in title contention and stuff like that and dont understand exactly where that is coming from. i think he needs to have at least on real test before that happens. no doubt mir, eilers, and silva are good fighters but i really believe that with the now deep hw division he needs to beat a top contender before being ready for a title shot.

so does anyone know whats going on with him and when he might fight again,
7/23/07 9:38:59PM
i thought he was going to fight in ufc later this year
7/23/07 9:39:40PM
first he said he wasnt going to fight till '08, now recently he said he was going to fight twice before the end of '07 which is doubt because the cards are filling up fast. I think he might fight once before the end of '07. Possibly Tim Syliva. Just what I think would be logical
7/23/07 9:47:54PM
He is under contract with the UFC for one more fight, but the contract expires at the end of this year. There has been rumors he has worked out his differences with the UFC, but as of now those are just rumors. He is still not scheduled to fight or resigned with Zuffa.
7/24/07 1:36:41AM
I would like to see Vera fight Silva with all that trash he was talking it would be nice to see them go at it Silva got his work cut out for him now in the HW he may never be the champ again
7/24/07 9:30:40AM
i thought he had signed a new contract so he had more than one fight

i hope they put him up against big tim, i can see him destroying big tim first round
7/24/07 12:16:18PM
He did sort out his contract problems and has about 4 fights signed i think

He said he would fight twice but the main cards are already full up for the next 3 events so the earliest i see him fighting is at UFC 77 and THATS IN OCTOBER which is when Big Timmy said he would be back in the cage so im thinking that fight is VERY likely
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