If you were Brandon Vera, what would you do?

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2/21/07 1:18:36PM
i believe he was the real deal of the ufc heavyweights and career wise it would be better to stay in the ufc but when another company is offering twice as more money its hard to turn down. MONEY TALKS!!!!
2/21/07 4:29:09PM
Money really talks but if his brain talks louder, he will stay in the UFC... As i said in another topic, he is 1-3 fights from starting 'selling shows' and then he will surely be payed a lot more.... And UFC means popularity... Money do not always win fans... Any rumors about the 'other company' ? Bodog? ElieXC?
2/21/07 4:32:10PM
I often go down to the gym where Brandon Vera trains at CITY BOXING in downtown SD ...he gets a lot of radio time out here in San Diego...and he thinks hes quite the superstar..so he will probably take the biggest offer...but we hope he will stay with the big boys
2/21/07 4:58:38PM
True, if he stays in the UFC and keeps making a big name for himself than he could probably make the money back from advertising just for the fact that the UFC has been exploding and has way more eyeballs on it. The better comp that a fighter faces eventually they will get more money in the long run.
2/21/07 5:01:33PM
If I were Brandon Vera, I would tuck my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye because after the last fight on his UFC contract, we will never see him in the big show again. He has tons of potential, but IMO he's throwing it away. He may get 1 or 2 big paychecks, but they're not gonna keep coming unless he stays with UFC.
2/21/07 5:37:54PM
Is there a reason that nobody seems to think Elite XC can last? Did I miss the memo or something? Sure, they supposedly offered Vera a huge contract but it remains to be seen what's actually going to happen. I have high hopes for Elite XC to get better over time and not be the next WFA of the MMA world.

As for Vera, in the words of Steve Miller...take the money and run.
2/21/07 6:02:56PM
As for me, I don't think EliteCX will last if their first event is anything to judge by.I think Vera won't get the money he thinks because the company will go under before he gets paid it all. I'll give you my reasons why IMO they will fail

1. Gary Shaw: Promoter- One of the guys who has helped mess up boxing. Stupid ideas like the 15 second clock don't help. Dana got out boxing because of guys like him
2. Lack of top fighter's- When Shamrock/Gracie is your hook because of their last names only it doesn't bode well. They have some guys with potential top 10 status ( Villasenor/ JR. Silva) and some with past top 10 staus ( F.Shamrock/Loiseau/Ninja Rua) but no one I would rank their now personally.
3. Anticlimactic main event- The way that fight ended was a disaster . Any new fans watching it might have been turned off from MMA. Diehards watch it all, but we are not who they need to reach to remain competitive.
4.Bad production- Cheesy dragon. Poor camera angles. Bad announcing. And stripper like ring girls attempting to dance provocatively make MMA look bad to me.
5. Walk away free card- Showtime signed a potential 3 year deal with EliteXC. EliteXC is a new company formed with Jay Penn( Bj's brother) owner of rumble on the rock -where a lot of their fighter's come from. Big corporations always protect themselves through layer's. Smaller corps. /dummy corps. etc. If it doesn't go well a year in they can just bankrupt EliteXC. Showtime walks away and Penn goes back and reopens rumble on the rock.

I would understand Vera wanting to go there for a million plus a fight if I though it would work. I guess if he gets 4 fights he's probably set for life. He still has about 4- 6 months to go before he's even released from the UFC. I hope EliteXC makes it becase I want to see more MMA, and want it to grow. However, I think unless something drastic changes in how they are run, they won't last long. Vera's time may run out before he get's to cash them big checks. The UFC will definately be here a long time.... Clocks tickin for Vera and EliteXC IMO.
2/21/07 6:14:18PM
For their first time out I think they did a good job, not great, but good. I mean, it seems like people are expecting gold right out of the gates. I think people need to be a little less harsh on their critique of the first event, I think come the third event or so we'll have an idea on whether Elite XC is improving or getting worse. I can't think of a single MMA organization that started up and was magically a hit right away.

They put on a better show than WFA v2.0 did and lord knows it was better than Bodog's first PPV attempt. Was anyone honestly expecting it to be UFC quality production right out of the gates? I think whoever thought that may be dillusional.

P.S. Gary Shaw is in fact a douchebag but that doesn't mean he's a failure just yet.
2/21/07 6:36:25PM
How'd that song go....Take the money and run?
2/21/07 7:00:39PM
Man, he doesn't deserve the money that he wants yet. All he has to do is stay in the UFC a little longer, pick up a few more W's, and maybe a belt and he'll definitely get what hes been wanting.
2/21/07 7:40:57PM
And what if he loses and thus never gets offered a big pay day again because of it? Why even take that risk. There is no guarantee he is going to be a champion or making a big pay day in the UFC. I see this as a simple choice for Vera. You take the big pay day, if Elite XC goes belly up and he doesn't lose there in the process, he'll still be undefeated and a highly coveted commodity. Dana is smart enough not to say never when it comes to business. He'd take him back in a second if it would make him money.
2/21/07 7:48:58PM
i dunno, money can only do so much for you....beating the best heavyweights in the world would make me feel a hell of a lot better than double the money i was getting would
2/21/07 8:18:08PM
Not if you're a greedy prick.
2/22/07 9:47:38AM
Iceman gets about 250,000 a fight

Cro Cop about 350,000

Vera is good but come on he wants 1 mill a fight and a 1.5 mil signing bonus LOL. That is a slap to everyone in the UFC. Stay Small Vera
2/22/07 10:34:50AM
If it was me in Vera's position I would stay with the UFC. For me if I made it big time like Vera my dream would be to become a UFC champion, I personally love the UFC and its my favorite organization by far. The money the UFC was paying was im sure more than enough and once he become bigger in the UFC than the pay would go up.
2/22/07 11:03:48AM
It's a roll of the dice either way, IMO...

If Brandon stays, and continues fighting well, he can also expect percentages of the PPV buys that the UFC is getting. A rumor I heard was that Chuck and Tito got somewhere around 2 to 3$ per PPV sale each for their last fight...

That's over 2 million dollars right there, for one fight. Adding on all of the sponsorship deals that would be offered that is a very significant amount of money, but none of this is guaranteed money. He has to keep winning.

His other choice is to take the big offer from the fledgling co. and see where that takes him... IMO, that's a gamble as well...

I would never blame Vera for taking more money and leaving the UFC, but after thinking about it a little more wouldn't staying with the larger more permanent co. be the wiser choice financially?

The one catch is he has to keep winning and if he isn't confident in that, then he might as well take the big paycheck while he can...
2/22/07 11:11:10AM

Posted by mmadb

For their first time out I think they did a good job, not great, but good. I mean, it seems like people are expecting gold right out of the gates.

Yes, but EliteXC themselves seem to be amongst the parties expecting gold right out of the gates. EliteXC doesn't appear to be following in the footsteps of the WEC, King of the Cage, or the IFL, they seem closer the model to the WFA in terms of paying guys a lot of money. The comparison with the WFA doesn't come out of thin air.

As to the OP's question, if I were Brandon Vera I would take the UFC's offer, which I believe was six figures. That's a good amount of money, in my world, and there's simply no question that the UFC is the more highly-regarded organization, by the fans, the media, and the fighters.
2/22/07 12:50:01PM
I think in this case the keyword is 'popularity' Yeah, the money EliteXC are offering are a LOT but i think if Brandon stays in the UFC he can make more (or maybe the same) amount of $$$ with a good PR... I personally hope he stays in the UFC , so i can see him more often because he is one of my favorite fighters... I absolutely love his style...
2/22/07 1:17:52PM
I'm just arguing for the sake of arguing, I personally think it would be wise to stick with the UFC but either way the guy is coming out with a nice chunk of change and I wouldn't fault him for going to Elite XC at all. Hell, on top of his Elite XC payday he can fight in other orgs if he wanted to. I see that as a selling point for me. I guess I just don't see him being the top draw in the UFC with Mirko and Chuck around and I don't see him getting any piece of the PPV sales...ever.

Even though everyone thinks Elite XC is doomed to fail if they don't fail and become a big player I'm pretty sure Vera will be a big part of it if he goes there and end up making way more money than he could have otherwise. He could be the Chuck of Elite XC.

Alas, it's a toss up either way.
2/22/07 1:35:54PM
Brandon Vera won't amount to very much in the UFC. Just like jbmoviefan won't amount to much in life, other than being a fat arrogant bastard who plays the bitch "sport" of disc golf.
2/22/07 1:44:51PM
If i were Brandon Vera i would sit back and Laugh my Ass off. Becuase he has two big Paychecks either way he goes. And both Orgs want him to become their posterboy.
Brandon Vera has got it made now. Both want to set him up with Sem- good/ good oppoentns to build up his hype. With a few more wins Vera can be consdiered Top 10 material. This guy is living the good life right now.

I wish i as Brandon Vera. Don't You?
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