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POLL: Who will the UFC feed Vera to next ?
Cro Cop 3% (1)
Arlovski 9% (3)
Sylvia 76% (26)
Big Nog 12% (4)
4/9/07 4:45:53AM
I heard he signed an extension with the UFC, any body got some feedback / rumors / thoughts ?
4/9/07 4:49:30AM
I'll say Sylvia, because he is the only one on the list that Vera could beat, and he will probably be selected for Sylvia to see if Sylvia really still has it.
4/9/07 4:51:04AM
4/9/07 5:24:27AM
Sylvia does make the most sense, but it could very well be Arlovski. Seeing as they're not going to give Nog/Vera as Nog's first fight, Cro Cop will probably be fighting Couture after Napao...assuming he beats him, because these days, when is a fight 100% guaranteed? Arlovski's facing Werdum (fight of the card in my opinion for UFC 70) so that's going to take a lot out of both of them probably. Sylvia seems like the option if Vera's coming back within 2-3 months, but they may also have a 'feeder' fight for Sylvia after he lost to Couture. So if Arlovski beats Werdum and is looking good, could be him.
4/9/07 12:21:12PM
From that list, Sylvia. I also think he could give Heath Herring a fight.
4/9/07 1:37:15PM
if he resigned than it would be a different story. if he didnt resign than he will probably face eddie sanchez in a prelim but maybe dana would want to send him out badly by putting him up against big nog or cro cop. if dana did give vera a big dog to lose to, i would be pulling for vera.
4/9/07 2:54:41PM
Definitely Tim Sylvia.
4/9/07 3:29:48PM
Herring sounds like the perfect fight.
4/9/07 3:35:59PM
I voted for Sylvia, but I guess it depends on what they plan on doing with Tim... Do they want to hype him back up? Or are they ready to jeopardize his status by giving him two loses in a row?

And conversely, since the contract dispute, how do casual fans see Vera? He hasn't been hyped and hasn't foughten since the Mir fight... So the UFC might want to give him an easier match to bring him back to the for-front...

Maybe that O'Brien guy???
4/9/07 3:46:09PM
I think Sylvia, Herring or O'Brien would be decent match-ups. If he can't beat any of those guys, he doesn't deserve a shot at any of the top 3.
4/9/07 3:48:23PM

Posted by Rush

I think Sylvia, Herring or O'Brien would be decent match-ups. If he can't beat any of those guys, he doesn't deserve a shot at any of the top 3.

I would think that if he can't beat any of those guys he would cut to 205... Lots of interesting fights down there
4/9/07 5:52:03PM
he'll kill sylvia forsure and maybe arlovski but forsure not cro cop or big nog.
4/9/07 5:56:01PM
Sylvia makes the most sense. If he wins, they could easily consider him a number 1 contender (after Cro Cop ofcourse). I though he was rumored ro fight O'Brian a while back. What ever happened to that?
4/9/07 8:35:24PM
I think he should maybe go to pride. Maybe Tim too. With Fedor gone ( for now), CC, and Big Nog in the UFC it might be easier to keep building his name in Japan. Im sure there is going to be a lot of flip-flopping of organizations in the next few months.
4/9/07 8:49:27PM
He should fight the winner of the Arlovski - Werdum fight. Both are good matchups for Vera. Werdum could make him tap, and Arlovski could knock him out. They are both similar size to Vera.
4/9/07 9:06:47PM
Vera should drop down to LHW. Take some filler fights, and then fight Rua when he gets to the UFC. I think that would be a good fight. To young guys with an extremem amount of potential. I think Rua would ultimatley beat him, but none-the-less it would be a good fight to watch.
4/10/07 6:18:10AM
Sylvia. I think he can beat Sylvia, and since Sylvia is "unmarketable", I don't think the UFC minds having him drop down the HW ranks.
4/10/07 6:23:46AM
With the influx of heavyweights I think Vera should drop down to LHW. But if he has to fight one then Sylvia.
4/10/07 6:31:22AM
There is something about Vera that I just don't like, maybe he is a little to arrogant. I would like to see him get Dos-Caras-Jr'ed by a Mirko LHK.
4/10/07 1:19:09PM
i like vera i hope he is back soon , his fights are good to watch, a little smalk talk before the fights is good too, keeps it interesting as long as the fight is still sportsman like.
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