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7/13/07 2:35:41PM
Hello All,

I am brand new to this forum in terms of posting but have been reading the boards for awhile.

I am only about 3 months into my MMA career but fully intend to make something of it. I am training now in Muay Thai and will be Starting BJJ real soon too. I train at Sityodtong in Cambridge Mass. I have been a football player my whole life and always will be at heart even though my college ball career is now over. I am overly excited to have found a new sport that has finally sparked my interest and reinstilled in me some of the passion that I've lacked since stopping football.

Just thought I would say hello and tell a big about myself if im gonna post in here.
7/13/07 7:13:44PM
Welcome aboard. Sounds great man, always exciting to get fighters or future fighters around these parts. What weight class are you targeting?
7/14/07 3:33:18PM
ayy bud. im new to. but i see you outta you must see some of ken-flo up there eh?
7/15/07 2:31:50PM
Welcome and good luck!!
7/16/07 11:14:02AM
I'm walking around at about 180 right now and am in decent shape, so I'd say probably 170?

Yeah, I do train at sityodtong, and its a real small place so I see kenny all the time. I've only talked to him a couple of times but he seems like a great guy.
7/16/07 1:29:50PM
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