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12/10/11 10:41:31AM
What is the difference???????!!!!!!!!
12/10/11 10:43:52AM
Brabo and D'arce choke are the same thing, Anaconda is on the opposite side. Anaconda usually involves a gator roll to finish, D'arce can be also be finished from the top of half guard or side control. Imo D'arce is a better choke, but most people seem to like the Anaconda better.
12/10/11 11:26:08AM
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thanks bro. I was watching M1 Challenge lastnight & a fighter locked on a darce. Someone referred to it as a brabo choke & I thought I was missing something haha I enjoy all successful chokes but I gotta admit I love a well executed anaconda, especially when the gator roll is extra smooth
12/10/11 5:52:12PM
Yeah I believe D'Arce was the name of the inventor of the move.
Its from Wiki though....I am not a BJJ practicioner.D'Arce Choke
12/11/11 3:02:51PM
oh this conversation. I'm pretty sure there's like a ten page 2 year old thread where we discussed this and people were still sort of unsure about the answer.
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